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Essential Tools to Have When Doing Tree Maintenance

Power Tools Used by Reliable Tree Service Providers to Achieve Outstanding Results

More than just providing us shade and filtering the air in our surroundings, trees also enhance the aesthetics of our landscape. For them to live long, tree trimming must be done regularly to ensure healthy branches and leaves. If you are going to do this task on your own, think again. You might not have the necessary trimming tools to achieve the task in a safe and efficient manner. Specifically, here are the power tools commonly used by reliable tree service providers that might be too expensive for you to own:

  • Extendable Pole Tree Pruners – It is the primary tool that promotes safe tree pruning and trimming. This tool is ideal for cutting leaves and small branches on hard to reach areas of a tree. This manner, you are able to maintain the look of the tree without having to climb up a ladder, which causes injuries. You do not need to exert much effort since all you need to do is stand in place and reach for those overgrown branches or leaves.
  • Alligator Loppers – An alligator lopper is probably the most effective tool in tree trimming service. It is a clamping and cutting tool used to cut thick branches effortlessly in a single motion unlike the saw, which requires more time and effort. You should take note that this equipment is quite expensive, so you must purchase only the one that will fit the type of plants you have.
  • Electric Wood Chippers – After cutting those leaves, twigs, and branches, the next thing you have to do is to dispose of them properly. But putting them straight in the trash bin takes a lot of space. A reliable tree service provider utilizes an electric wood chipper when disposing the clutter. It shreds branches into saw-dust-like particles for it not to occupy too much space in your trash.

One thing that is sure about these power tools is that they are expensive, which makes them impractical to have if you’re just a regular homeowner. If you need to maintain your trees using these tools, it would be wise to leave this task to a professional. If you’re living in Alexandria, VA, the reliable tree service provider you should get in touch with is Victor Landscaping and Tree Services. Just call (703) 851-2658 to know more about their company and how they provide their service.

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