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The Questions You Want to Ask

All property owners need to use a professional landscaping service every now and then. Whether you are looking for ways to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area or completely change its look, what a proficient landscaper can offer compares to no DIY work. Victor Landscaping and Tree Services is a contractor that values our customers’ time and money. This is why we always try to show the best of us and help the community in Alexandria, VA achieve the attractive areas. Got any questions? This is our FAQ list:

  • How can you boost my home exterior? Our landscapers can assist you with quality services incorporating lawn mowing, mulching, and edging. You can also hire our team of specialists for proper tree trimming, snow removal, fencing, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning. Our team can build stable retaining walls for you with the necessary drainage system.

  • Do you have the necessary experience? Yes, our company was founded in 2004, and since then, the population in the area knows us as scrupulous and serious experts who finish what they start, no matter what.

  • Why should pay so much attention to the landscape in my yard? Mainly because it plays a critical role in the overall curb appeal of your property. When you invite someone over, the first thing they see is the beauty and organization of your yard. This is a small part of nature that you own, and taking good care of it is a matter of care for the planet.

  • Are you insured? Yes, our landscaping contractor is insured. We offer quality work at affordable rates and free estimates.

  • How often do I have to water my garden? The frequency of the irrigation process depends on the type of vegetation you have. Young trees and shrubs, for example, need daily watering for the first few years of their life. In the summer, your garden will have to be irrigated twice a day, while in the fall, you can reduce it once every few days.

  • I want to do my own gardening. Where should I begin? Gardening takes a lot of physical effort and knowledge. If you have a specific design plan in mind, you can contact Victor Landscaping and Tree Services for quick execution. We will help you develop your ideas and transform your yard into something that works for you and your family.

  • How can I boost the green color around my property? Before we could give an answer to that one, we have to first find the reasons why you have lost the original green color of your landscape. Is it because of poor maintenance or poor irrigation? Do you have soil erosion? Maybe you have a pest infestation. Our specialists will examine the quality of the soil and suggest methods to make your garden vibrant again.

  • Do you work at the weekend? Our landscaping company in Alexandria, VA is open for calls from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sunday.

  • When do I have to call you for tree pruning? In general, tree pruning should be done in early spring or early summer. It is not recommended for any tree species to be trimmed in the fall or in the winter. For any additional inquiries, do not delay and call us at (703) 851-2658.

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