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How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home

Why professional regular power washing services are important


It is true, everyone’s home is different, which makes it difficult to know when you need power washing services. Although it is important to keep your home clean, power washing it too frequently can damage the exterior siding. Here are four useful tips to keep in mind when deciding whether or not the time to call your local power washing company has come.



The time of year can also drastically affect how often you need a pressure washing service. Winter is usually not a good time because, during the winter months, snow will often accumulate and leave a dirty residue behind when it melts away. Fall is also not the best season due to the continuously falling leaves and strong winds. It is best to hire a company during sunny periods when the weather is mild and humidity is low. That way, you can spend a longer period of time enjoying your newly cleaned home! Tip: It is best to combine pressure washing your home with gutter cleaning!



Another way to tell if your home needs a good power wash is to look at your siding. Although this is all up to your personal preference, many people avoid keeping that “dirty” home look which dirty siding brings. Do the “white glove test” to make sure your siding is indeed in need of cleaning. If you rub your exterior siding and it leaves a residue on your glove (or finger), it is most likely time to have a professional remove that grime from your home.


Renovation Plans

If you are planning on renovating or repainting the exterior of your home, it is always important to hire a pressure and gutter cleaning company first. In order to prevent deterioration of your home or potential health concerns, you need to clean the dirt and grime before covering it up with new paint and other materials, for example. Mold and mildew can spread fast, so give yourself a clean slate first.


Once a Year

If you are still not sure how often your home needs power washing, a good rule of thumb is to hire power washers once a year. Many people like to do this when they begin a landscaping project in the spring, such as planting new grass or gardening.

To have your home in Alexandria, VA skillfully power washed, as well as to benefit from quality yet affordable gutter cleaning services, contact Victor Landscaping and Tree Services!

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