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A beautiful lawn or garden is indeed ideal for any property. That is why maintaining landscapes is an important activity. Though it can take hours to mow, water, and trim plants. You could let us at Victor Landscaping and Tree Services work on your landscape in Alexandria, VA. Ever since our company started in 2004, we have successfully worked on many landscaping projects. You can avail of the following services from us:

Professional tree removal

Professional tree removal

Lawn Mowing

We can be of assistance to mow your lawn grass. You can expect us to bring a powerful lawnmower for efficient lawn mowing. We make sure to cut the grass at the right height for proper service. And we use other tools to trim the grass at edges, corners, and other areas that the lawnmower cannot reach.


You should give your flowers and trees the great benefits of mulching. We always recommend the proper type of mulch that provides nutrients and aesthetics for your landscape plants. Of course, we install mulch in an even manner without blocking much of the soil near the stems and trunks.

Bushes and Tree Trimming

When you need to trim your bushes and trees for better aesthetics or safety, you can count on us. We have the skills and tools for reliable bushes and tree trimming work.

Power Washing

If you want to remove dirt, debris, oil spills, and other stubborn mess, hire us for our power washing service. Our power washer is capable of removing stains, grease, molds, and other mess. This is especially true when we use proven power-washing products.

Fence Installation and Repair

Are you thinking of securing your property with a fence? If so, turn to us for excellent fence installation and repair services. We make sure to follow your fence design preferences and use durable materials for quality results.

Retaining Walls

Is it time to spruce up your yard? Then why not build some retaining walls? Brick, stone, or concrete, we can make solid walls according to your specifications.

Drainage Installation

Whether you need to install drainage for your newly built property or as part of your lawn irrigation system, we can be of service. With proper planning and the right equipment, we can build efficient drainage systems for your needs.

Yard Clean Up

Do you need help cleaning your messy yard? Then allow us to clean it regularly for you. We make sure to clean every leaf, debris, and other mess so that you can have a clean yard once more.

Leaf Pickup & Removal

Your lawn and your loved ones could both be at risk from the health effects of leaf litter in your yard. Your lawn is covered in a thick, wet blanket of damp, rotting leaves that trap moisture. This is the ideal setting for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold. Mold is bad for your lawn and landscaping, but it’s especially bad for your health. When you step on a thick layer of dead leaves, mold and poisonous spores are kicked up into the air.

Concrete Driveways

Aside from all of our landscaping services, we are also well-versed in building durable concrete driveways. We will work around your terrain and create a smooth-surfaced driveway that will stand the test of time.

Flat Stone Patios

Our hardscaping portfolio also includes building flat stone patios. They are not only a great design feature for every home, but they are extremely versatile and can blend in with virtually any style. You dream it, and we will make it!

Other Services

We also offer other services such as gutter cleaning, snow removal, decks, and more. Of course, we provide our services reliably and affordably.

You can count on us at Victor Landscaping and Tree Services to tend your lawn or garden in Alexandria, VA. We can also work on landscapes in Groveton, VA. Insured and with more than a decade of professional experience, we ensure to work with a responsible attitude. And we provide our services with free estimates and fair pricing.