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Sunflowers That Are Tall for Landscaping Services

Tall Sunflowers for You!

Sunflowers have tall, spiky stalks that can reach heights of several feet. These enormously beautiful flowers may reach heights of up to 16 feet and are constantly attempting to move the sun closer to their brilliant petals. The tallest sunflowers typically have huge, solitary stalks that connect to large, brown centers that are covered in golden-yellow petals. Because of their height and capacity to generate an abundance of seeds in their centers, tall sunflowers are beloved by birds. But if you want your sunflower to reach its full potential, be ready to devote a lot of time and attention to it or hire a landscaping contractor to take care of it. After all, the bigger the sunflower, the bigger the responsibility. The most well-liked tall sunflowers are listed below:

American Giant

This sunflower can grow up to 15 feet tall, so we suggest setting aside a piece of your garden for it. It is understandable why they call this sunflower the American Giant given the length of the stem and the face, which can reach a breadth of around one foot.

Schweinitz’s Sunflower

This uncommon sunflower is named after Lewis David von Schweintz, a botanist who first discovered it in the early 1800s. It is one of the rarest species in America. Although it can reach heights of up to 16 feet, its typical height is about 6.5 feet.


The Skyscraper sunflower lives up to its name by rising far above the ground and reaching heights of up to 12 feet. These plants may have flower petals that are 14 inches long, and they are supported by sturdy stalks.

Sunforest Mix

The 40-inch diameter and height of this sunflower can range from 10-15 feet. It’s vital to plant these with three to four feet between each one to allow them to flourish.

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